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WI Blue Star Mothers Chapter 1


 We exist to provide support and encouragement to our troops, veterans and their families.

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 Our members are mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, foster mothers and female legal guardians who currently have a son/daughter serving in any branch of the military or a son/daughter that has been honorably discharged.  We also welcome associate members—fathers, siblings, grandfathers, relatives and friends of those serving or having served. Annual membership is $30.00 and is used to support the Chapter’s activities both locally and nationally. There is no fee for associate members. 

Our Mission



We exist to provide support and encouragement to our troops, veterans and their families. We send care packages to troops, support local veterans’ organizations, attend send-off/welcome ceremonies and participate in local community events. We also provide support and guidance to those who have lost their loved one serving our Country.

National Affiliation



Chapter 1 received its charter from the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc, www.bluestarmothers.org on July 22, 2007. We serve the Northern one half of the state. Chapter 1 operates as a 501c-3 through the National charter and is recognized as a charitable organization in the State of Wisconsin.

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No upcoming events.

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We would love to talk with you and have you join us on our Mission to serve our Military, Veterans and their Families.

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PO Box 104, Greenville, Wisconsin 54942, United States


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Blue Star Mothers of America Inc 1wi Wisconsin BSM Chapter 

Gold Star Mothers


American Gold Star Mothers Inc

Who Is a Gold Star Mother?
Often the question has been asked, "Who is a Gold Star Mother?" During the early days of World War I, a Blue Star was used to represent each person, man or woman in the Military Service of the United States. As the war progressed and men were killed in combat, others wounded and died of their wounds or disease, there came about the accepted usage of the Gold Star.



This Gold Star was substituted and superimposed upon the Blue Star in such a manner as to entirely cover it. The idea of the Gold Star was that the honor and glory accorded the person for his supreme sacrifice in offering for his country, the last full measure of devotion and pride of the family in this sacrifice, rather than the sense of personal loss which would be represented by the mourning symbols.


The last Sunday in September has been designated as Gold Star Mother’s Day.                          

To receive a Gold Star Banner please contact: wi1bluestarmothers@yahoo.com  our Gold Star Mother Coordinator will contact you.


Other Support for Gold Star Mothers:


American Gold Star Mothers Inc 

T✯A✯P✯S Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors 

SUPPORTS the military family through a national network of those who have lost a loved one in the armed forces and are now standing by to lovingly reach out to and support others when a death occurs.

CARES about and supports all “survivors” including spouses, significant others, parents, children, siblings, co-workers and friends. Call us for more information at 1-800-959-TAPS (8277) or visit our Web site at https://www.TAPS.org